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Nayden Doynov – Be friendly, be ready take things that you have to know and to be able to love it!


Hellion Stone – be honest, be smart and be good!


Tamara Gachechiladze: I have new chances in my life after Eurovision – It is Amazing


Madara Romenkova – If you have some ideas – realize them!


How to overcome stress and achieve inner piece?


Gender – Friday Show – Radio E-volution

Good News

In 2017, the “Summer Story” music festival, which takes place in the Karandila area over Sliven, surprised us with a musical participation from Barcelona – Fanfarrai Balkan Orchestra. This inclusion made the life of the main stage, which was already very varied, but also the overall atmosphere of the festival,[…]

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What The News!

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Snooze Up

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No noise in the channel – BG

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The musical E-volution

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This month’s musical suggestions

  • Zaz

  • Mo'Horizons

  • Romana


Studio Live

Traveling around Colombia

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Alex is travelling around the continent – “Snooze up!” episode

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Snooze up! Morning show – 4th of October

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